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The Kubera Principle

The Kubera Principle

The Book That Will Change the World


To land a job after spending time in the military is not easy, so you need a plan.

This video provides specific actions to complete each month when you’re transitioning to civilian life after the military.

01:44 – Tasks To Do 180 Days Before Life After The Military
03:53 – Specifics Actions 120 Days Before #lifeafterthearmy
06:53 – Civilian Certification Funding From #armyignited
10:27 – Actions at 90 days before transitioning to civilian life after the military
13:01 – how to apply for a job after the army
14:09 – How Infantry Squad Leader has supply chain management skills
16:59 – What happens when you apply for a job when transitioning out of the military
20:44 – Execute These Steps 60 Days Before Transitioning Out Of The Military
23:55 – How to present yourself at a job fair
25:42 – What’s wrong with asking for status about your job application
26:44 – Things to Do 30 days before etting out of the army
27:05 – Reality of #jobsearch when transitioning to civilian life after the military
28:50 – Why you must define your purpose when searching for a job after the army
33:18 – What to focus on 15 days to get ready for jobs after the military
34:10 – What to do when you have mulitple job offers
38:31 – How to prepare 5 days before starting a job after the military
39:49 – 5 things to do 3 days before starting a job after life in the military
39:59 – Check your attitude before starting your first job after the army
40:57 – 3 ways to begin your first day working after life in the army

Building Foundation –
Setting #1 Goal –

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