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The Kubera Principle

The Kubera Principle

The Book That Will Change the World

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Erin McGoff is a multi-hyphenated media professional who has built a career as an award-winning documentary filmmaker & viral content creator. McGoff is passionate about making the world a better place through storytelling + democratizing access to quality career advice.

In 2021, her career advice went viral on the internet ( when she shared her original template for the dreaded job interview question, “Tell Me About Yourself.” Since then, Erin has continued to work full-time as a film director and editor, while also creating career advice content on the side. McGoff credits her success to her ability to research, passion for education, and personal experience as someone on both sides of hiring.

Upon graduating from film school, Erin received a fellowship from the Pulitzer Center to support her debut feature documentary about Laos, THIS LITTLE LAND OF MINES, which went on to receive festival accolades and international distribution. McGoff has also completed three short documentaries, SOUTHERN SUSTAINABILITY (2018), NEW YORK IS SILENT (Pulitzer Center, 2020), and DARROUZETT, TX (PBS, 2020). McGoff has worked with a variety of brands including Google, Microsoft, Meta, National Geographic, Intel, Walmart, ZipRecruiter, Capital One, Hilton, etc. You can view Erin’s work at

Today, she has 3m+ followers and continues to work to democratize access to quality career advice.

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